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Our Experience Navigating Treatment for the Autism Spectrum

At Lighthouse Complex Care each of our providers has come into the world of the medical treatment of autism in a very personal way. As professionals, we supported the mainstream view of limited treatments and interventions available for autism and it’s cousins, ADHD, sensory issues, and others. Those options seemed adequate . . . until our own children started to have complex issues. 

We have experienced firsthand the feelings of powerlessness, frustration, and uncertainty that come with a complex diagnosis like ASD. We were plunged into the world many parents find themselves in, trying to find the root causes of heartbreaking symptoms and searching for safe, effective treatments that improve health and quality of life. 

Unlike most parents, we had the opportunity to reach out to colleagues and specialists in our search for answers. When you hurt your foot, you make an appointment with a podiatrist. When you have a cavity, you go to the dentist. But who do you see when you have a child struggling with symptoms of autism? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a mainstream designation for that provider because our current system tends to compartmentalize treatment with each specialist focusing on one body part or system. The problem is, autism symptoms can arise from dysfunction across multiple systems in the body. 

In our practice, we see these interconnected issues in the digestive system, the immune system, the neurological system, in a person’s genetics, in their metabolism, and how their body processes toxins it encounters. In addition, each child has different needs in each of these areas or only a handful of them. Treatment has to be incredibly individualized and requires a broad range of knowledge and a high-level understanding of the interplay between systems. 

Our model is collaborative, bringing together providers with different specialties to share their expertise. Our approach is a unique, systematic method of investigation, testing, and research that allows us to develop an individualized plan for your child. We use the best of mainstream medicine and less traditional, but effective modalities to maximize results with the goal of improved quality of life always in mind.

In both our professional and private lives, we have developed deep knowledge about the root causes of many autism-related symptoms including (but not limited to) speech and developmental delays, sensory sensitivities, aggression, and gastrointestinal issues like chronic constipation and food sensitivities. 

We have extensive knowledge about treatments for diagnoses from autism and other conditions that can look like autism or happen concurrently including PANS/PANDAS,  autoimmune encephalitis, and others. We have seen incredible results in our own children and in the children we see in our practice.

Our mission is to bring the knowledge and passion we have gained into one practice to support other parents on the same journey. We chose the name lighthouse because we have been on the rough waters of difficult symptoms, of sleepless nights, of fearing for our child’s future.

We understand what you’re going through and we have the tools, expertise, and personal experience to provide the care you need and to listen compassionately. Like a light in the dark, we want to provide not just guidance to get through the storm. . . we want you to know there is hope.

We accept many forms of insurance and are doing everything we can to provide access to care to as many families as possible. Let’s work together to help your child. 

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